Having a beer at Caru’ cu bere.

Caru’ cu bere (literally The Beer Wagon) is a famous Bavarian style restaurant placed in the very heart of Bucharest, built in 1879 and renovated in 1992.

One hundred years ago the Caru’ cu Bere was where the old aristocracy of Bucharest gathered. Famous men of letters, playwrights, poets and actors met here.

This sparkling environment was later recreated and so the restaurant has preserved its atmosphere and reputation over the years.

The Caru’ cu Bere is open seven days a week. It has live music every day and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings a well known folk-song and dance ensemble serenades customers wdh tradidonal Romanian music and entertainment. Appetizing traditional dishes are on offer, local wines are served and, of course, there is beer, plenty of beer. :)

Main hall in the Caru’ cu bere

Having a beer with a friend


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