The mausoleum of Marasesti

In the July-August of 1917, during the First World War, the German army began a huge offensive in the Marasesti area, trying to cross the Romanian-Russian front and to occupy the Romanian territories between Siret and Prut rivers. Great battles were fought. Even they were inferior as numbers, the romanian soldiers pushed back the German attack. The Mausoleum from Marasesti was built to commemorate the Romanian victory.
In the impressive Mausoleum, are burried the remains of 6000 soldiers, in crypts and common tombs.

I present you, another 4 handheld panos (so, try to ignore the few stitching errors) ;)

The tomb of General Eremia Grigorescu

Marasesti Mausoleum, the top room

View from the front

Left side view, close to the canons

And here is the location of the monument. Too bad Google does not have more detailed pictures of Romania…

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