Panoramic images from Lacul Rosu

The next touristic target I had in the last summer vacation, was a natural lake named Lacul Rosu (The Red Lake). It’s one of the most wonderful lakes in Romania. It formed about 160 years ago, as a result of a rockslide, followed by an earthquake. Today you can see tree trunks rising from the lake, remnants of the forest that populated this place.

This interactive panorama I made on one end of the lake, standing on a small bridge over a swamp.
Standing on a small bridge over the swamp

And this is taken from the other end of the lake, I really entered the swamp until the ground couldn’t hold me and I was risking to take a bath… :)

This is a 100% zoom of the above picture, to see the tree trunks rising from the lake:

More trunks rising, this time the photo was taken while sailing on the lake with a small boat:

And some of the local population… ;)


And the location of the lake, thanks to google map:

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